First project in JSF in Netbeans

In Netbeans you may create in simple way your Java Server Faces project.

First create project. Choose form menu File->New Project.

a1In New Project window select from Categories section Java Web and from Projects section Web Application.

a2Click the Next button. In Project Name field write FirstJSF.

a3Click the Next button.

a4You may select Server or JEE version, if you would. I stay it as default. Click the Next button.

In next step choose JavaServer Faces framework and click the Finish button.

a5In Projects window you see tree of your new JSF project.

a6It is autogenerated code for index file:

a7Run application through right click the project node and choose Run command.

a8It is website displays by browser:

a9If you find out to write simple JavaServer Faces application in Netbeans IDE is very simple and easy.