Export data from SQL Server to CSV file.

In this topic I describe You how export data from SQL Server to text file or CSV.

First launch SQL Server Management Studio. Right click on your database node in Object Explore window and choose Task->Export Data.

ww1The wizard window appear.


Click the Next button. Select Data Source as Native Client and write user name(default is sa ) and password to SQL Server. Select suitable database.

ww3Click the Next button. In Destination select Flat File if You would like to copy data in this type of file. Click the Browse to choose CSV file to this content.

ww5Click the Next button.

ww6Click the Next button. In Source table or view select suitable object from your database.

ww7Click the Next button.

ww8Click the Next button.

ww9Click the Finisht button. Open your CSV file and see your data from table.