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SQL*Plus for Oracle – how change language to display in DOS on Windows?

SQL*Plus may display data from tables of database in default language set in system OS. So sometimes you can see in your language strange signs. How repair it?

Go to in search or Start to the Control Panel->System. Choose Advanced System settings.
Then click Environment Variables. In the section System Variables click the New button. In the Edit System Variable (or New System Variable) window, specify the name and value for a coding language. The name is NLS_LANG. The value may be different for each language. For Polish language it is: POLISH_POLAND.EE8PC852.
fixed lang in SQL*Plus
List of common NLS_LANG settings used in the Command Prompt you find on this Oracle website: here
Some of them you see in the below table:

language NLS_LANG value
 Arabic  AR8ASMO8X
 Danish  WE8PC850
 English (United Kingdom)  WE8PC850
 English (United States)  US8PC437
 German  WE8PC850
 Japanese  JA16SJIS
 Polish  EE8PC852
 Russian  RU8PC866
 Spanish  WE8PC850

Click the OK button. Close all remaining windows by clicking OK button.
Open SQL*Plus window, connect to a database and check if data in the tables are displayed in your language.
In Command Prompt you can test value NLS_LANG variable. Write in console:
and enter.
fixed lang in SQL*PlusYou see the ettings for language, using also by SQL*Plus.

The following list to help you find the Oracle character set and fit them to MS-DOS code page on your locale OS:

DOS codepage
part of NLS_LANG
437  US8PC437
737  EL8PC737
850  WE8PC850
852  EE8PC852
857  TR8PC857
858  WE8PC858
861  IS8PC861
862  IW8PC1507
865  N8PC865
866  RU8PC866

You fin all information about it on Oracle website.

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