How configure Reporting Services of SQL Server 2017?

In the last post I show you how install Reporting Services. In this post I describe you how configure it.

Set connection to report server

First you have to run Report Server Configuration Manager in Start on Windows SO.

repotingServicesThe window Report Server Connection appears. In the Server Name field you see name your computer. The default Report Server Instance is SSRS.

repotingServicesClick the Connect button. You see information about current Report server.

Configure new report database

repotingServices042Select from left side Database item. Next click the Change Database button.

repotingServices043In the next step allow Create a new report and click the Next button.

repotingServicesYou see window like this below. Click the Test Connection to check settings.

repotingServicesIf the connection is OK, you see this information below. Click the OK button into it.

repotingServicesAnd click the Next button.

repotingServicesAfter it, you see another step in configuration. Write in Database Name name your database for reports. Mine is ReportServerDora.

repotingServicesClick the Next button. In this moment you can select Authentication Type.  Default is  Service Credentials.repotingServicesI select SQL Server Credentials.

repotingServicesI write user name to the database and password.

repotingServicesClick the Next button.You see summary.

repotingServicesClick the Next button.You have to wait for generate database.


repotingServicesClick the Finish button.It is result it:


Configure Web Service URL.

Go to the Web Service URL section. Write name of Virtual Directory for reports. Mine is ReportServerDoris.

repotingServicesClick the Apply button.


Configure Web Portal URL.

Go to the Web Portal URL section and do the same as for Web Service URL. Write name for Virtual Directory. Mine is ReportsDoris.

repotingServicesIf you would like to see report go to the Web Portal URL and click the link.

repotingServicesYou see authorization window. Write into it your login to your computer and password to your computer.



Click the OK button. In the browser will be open clicked link.


Reports in SQL Server Management Studio

The configured report services you can see in SSMS. look at the screens.

Log into Reporting Services:



Log into Engine Database:




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