Create the Data Source in the Report Builder

Let’s start to run Report Builder in Start on Windows OS.

You see Report Builder window. Close Getting Started window,

Right click on left side in Report Data Data Sources node and choose Add Data Source...  .

You see Data Sorce Properties wizard as below.

Write name of your Data Source and choose connection to it. I select Use a connection embedded in my report. Select connection type as Microsoft SQL Server.

Click the Build button to set connection string or write it in the text area. After click the Buld button the Connection Properties like that:

Select server name(locally it is name my computer) and choose Use SQL Server Authentication. Write user name and password to database. In Connect to a database choose Select or enter a database name.

Click the OK button. In Data Sorce Properties window click the Test Connection button to test connection.

You see Credential window. Write user name and password to database and click the OK button.

You see your setting to database. Click the OK button in Test Connection Result window and then in main window.

On the left side in the Report Builder window you see your Data Source.


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