Configuration SQL Server 2012 for Netbeans

SQL Server 2012 has SQL Server Configuration Manager tool.  Choose from OS Start-> All programms->Microsoft SQL Server 2012->Configuration Tools->SQL Server Configuration Manager.

X01In configuration window list SQL Native Client and click on Client Protocols. If last column has all values as Enable it is OK.

X02Click the SQL Server Services.

X03Right click the first row and select Properties(Właściwości)

X05In Properties window in Log On tab you see:

X06Check Log on as on Built-in account. From List select Network Service.

X07Click the Apply(Zastosuj). In Confirm window agree on restart clicking Yes(Tak) button.

X08Second row in the same way, set in its Properties window in Log on tab as Loca lService.

X11List SQL Server Network Configuration and click the Protocols for SQLEXPRESS. On the right panel you see for TCP/IP and Named Pipes Disable status. You must change them on Enable.

X12Right click the Named Pipes and choose Properties.

X13Select from Enabled  list Yes. Click the OK button.

X14In the same way change Enabled status for TCP/IP. Right click the TCP/IP and choose Properties.

X15You see in Protocols tab Enabled as No.

X16Select from Enabled list Yes.

X17Click the Apply(Zastosuj) button. In Warning window click the OK button.

X18Then go to IP Addresses tab. In it you see all Enabled field as No and empty TCP Port.

X19Change all Enabled as Yes. And in all TCP Port field write 1433. Either in IP4 section write in IP Address, if you work locally.

X20Click the Apply(Zastosuj) and in Warning click the OK button.

X21List SQL Native Client and click Client Protocols. Right click the TCP/IP and choose Properties(Właściwości).


X24In Protocol tab you must set Default Port as 1433 and Enabled as Yes.

X25Click the OK button.