How to install Android Studio ?

The first step is install JDK for Java and SDK Android. In last post I describe SDK Andrid installation.

In this part I show installation of Android Studio.

Go to the website:

and download file on bottom of this website.

and2Click on it as administrator. The Setup window display.

st1Click the Next button.

st2Click the Next button. You may leave default location.

st3Click the Next button.

st4Click the Install button.

st5If installation process will be complete, click the Next button.

st6Click the Finish button. The configuration window wll be display.

st7Click the OK button.

st8The Welcome window You see.

st9Click the Next button. In this step you may change Install Type.

st10Click the Next button. The settings will be verify.

st11Click the Finish button. The need components will be downloading.


st13After downloading, click the Finish button. The Andrid Studio start window will be show.