How install on windows PostgreSQL 9.6 with pgAdmin tool?

Below you can follow step by step installation process of PostgreSQL with pgAdmin tool.

First you go to the website. Select version PostgreSQL server and operating system.

Download installation file( e.g.  postgresql-9.6.1-1-windows-x64.exe).

In next step run exe file.

In Setup window click the Next button.

In this step you can change installation directory or leave default. Click the Next button.

Your data directory either may be change or leave default. Click the Next button.

Write your password to the server and click the Next button.

The port number may be leave default. Click the Next button.

Click the Next button.

Click the Next button. The installation process begin.

You may uncheck option and click Finish button.

In Start on windows run pgAdmin tool.

You may see window as this below.

On the left you see server node. Expand it.

Expand PostgreSQL node.

In Connect to Server window write password and check Save Password option.

In Database node right click and check Create->Database if you would like to create new dataabse.

In Database field write name of database. The diagram below show you nodes this new database.

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