Installation of Spring Tool Suite(STS) 3.9.0 on Windows

First you must install JDK. How I wrote in my post in Java category.

Second step is install Eclipse IDE for JEE. Download installation file from website and click the DOWNLOAD button. The last version in time when I have written this article was Oxygen. So the name of the file is Unzip the file in the folder, I do it in C disk on my computer.

Next step is installation of the Spring Tool Suite. Go to the website. Click the DOWNLOAD link. The latest version during writing this article was 3.9.0. My downloaded file name is This file like eclipse unzip in any place on your computer. On my it is C disk.

The unzip file of the Eclipse IDE has eclipse name. Look at the screen into its folder.

The unzip STS has sts-bundle name. Look at the screen.

In the sts-3.9.0.RELEASE catalog you find files as below.

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