How add and configure WildFly 10 server in Spring Tool Suite

Open Spring Tool Suite and look at the Servers node into it.

There are not WildFly on the list of servers. In the following steps you add WildFly 10 server, which you install on your computer.

In Servers window right click in empty place and choose New->Server.

From the list of servers choose WildFly Server Tools. The New Server window appears. Select from the list WildFly item.

Click the Next button.

Accept license and click Finish button.

Wait as Tools was been installed. If the Security Warning window appears. Click Install anyway.

Click the Restart Now button to update software.

Wait for the STS restart.

You need configure WildFly server.

In Servers window right click in empty place and choose New->Server.

Select from the list WildFly 10.x server type. And click the Next button.

In other step click the Next button if the server is local.

Click the Next button. You see another window as below.

Click the Browse button to set path to the HOME folder of WildFly server on your computer.

Click the Finish button.

To start WildFly server right click on the node with this server name and choose Start.

If you choose start in the Console you see the information about the server WildFly 10 start.

In address field in browser write http://localhost:8080/, you see welcome WildFly window.

Click the Stop button to stop server.


Running server you may see window like this below.

When I first time install and run WildFly server, it was OK. But later I remove server and install new, the same version. The server start if you allow to run without launching new server – choose Set the server adapter ... . I do it, but in the browser I saw window:

It was a problem with running any services on this port. So I rslove this problem by changing it on other. First you must stop WildFly Server if is running. In standalone.xml file change line with port 8080 to 8180 or other. Save file and run server.

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