How add Tomcat 9 server to the Spring Tool Suite?

If you install Tomcat 9, you can add them to the Eclipse IDE or Spring Tool Suite IDE. Installation process I describe step by step with configuration in my post “How install and configure Tomcat 8 on windows ?” . In STS IDE go to the Servers window. In empty place in it choose New->Server.

The New Server window appears.

Select from it Tomcat v9.0 Server node an click the Next button. You see content of window like this below.

Click the Browse button to set path to main folder your Tomcat server.You may also change Installed JRE.

Click the Next button. In Servers window on the node with Tomcat server right click and choose Open or double click on this node.

The configuration file you see. In General Information section click the Browse selecting /Servers/Tomcat ... .In Server locations section choose Use Tomcat installation... . Change ports if it needs.

Save file and run server. Right click the Tomcat v9.0 node and choose Start.

Go to the localhost:8280 or similar url according to yours settings.

To stop server right click the Tomcat 9.0 node and choose Stop.


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