Installation and configuration EGit in Eclipse or Spring Tool Suite

How to install GIT I describe in my post “How install GIT on Windows 7?”.
After installation of GIT, on my computer files are in the git folder in C disk as you see below.

If you would like to use Git in Eclipse Oxygen or Spring Tool Suite 3.9.0, you don’t need install EGit tool, because is included in this IDE. But if you have version below June Eclipse or older STS, open from menu Help->Eclipse Marketplace.

The wizard appears. In the Search tab into Find field write EGit word and type Enter.

The list software will appears. Click the Install button, the Installed button says that it is installed in the IDE.

How to configure Spring Tol Suite?
First you can set user name and email for commit files.
From the menu choose Window->Preferences.

Go to the Team->Git->Configuration. If you set the name and email you see them into this configuration.

If these properties are not, you need click the New Entry button and write values for them.
In this case click the user row.

Click the Add Entry button. The window appears.

In Key field write name and in Value value for it.

In the same way add email with value.
Click the Apply and Close button to save settigs.

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