Installation and configuration Eclipse Oxygen.2 for Java 9

If you would like use Java 9 and look for instruction how install JDK Java 9 on Windows I desribed it in my post “How install JDK Java 9 on Windows?”. Installation of Eclipse is very simple. Go to the Eclipse website and download latest version, during writing this post it was Oxygen.2. Choose edition of Eclipse and download file.
Then copy this zip file in place where you would like to install eclipse. I copy it in C folder on my computer. Unzipp it. You see eclipse folder with content similar to this:
Run eclipse application, clicking on eclipse.exe file. You see this screen:
In the next window you can change place for workspace of eclipse projects.
Click the Launch button. Select from menu Window->Preferences.

Go to Java->Installed JREs. I had old jre for Java 8 but you may have empty place in the first row.
Click the Add button.

Select Standard VM and click the Next button.

In Add JRE window click the Directory button to find path to JRE java 9.

It is my path:

Click the OK button. In the next window click the Finish button.

Check box with jre  9 and click the Apply and Close button.
The next step is configure compiler. Go to the Java->Compiler on the left. Select from Compiler compilance level value 9.
Click the Apply and Close button. The new window appears.
Click the Yes button.
And you have to do last step Рinstall support for Oxygen elipse  for Java 9. How do it? Select form menu Help->Install New Software.
You see window like that:
Into Work with paste this link:

uncheck Group items by category box and check Contact all… update box and click the Add button.
The Add Repository window appears:
Click the OK button. The Install window check box with Eclipse SDK.
Click the Next button and wait for installation. In next step choose Update installation… and click the Next button.
And in Install Details click the Next button:
In next step select I accept the terms …
Click the Next button. The software starts to install.

At the end you have to restart Eclipse.

The next article will explain how write in Java 9 application using module.

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