How install XAMPP 1.8.3 on Windows 7 OS?

In this post I describe You, how install xampp package. This server is very popular  server environment contained Apache server, MySQL database and PHP interpreter for develop web application. I think it is easy server to configurating, too.

Installation package xampp 1.8.3 You begin from download installing package from the site On this website You go to Xampp tab and select Xampp for Windows link. Find Xampp Windows 1.8.3 part. Click on the Installer link. It is beginning  downloading process xampp-win32-1.8.3-1-VC11-installer.exe file. Run this file double-click on it and then go step by step installation process. If  appear the info window with question about continue installation, click Yes button.

Question windowIf  apear warining window with UAC question, click OK, too.

02Then You see Setup window.

03Click Next button. In next window select all options and click Next, too.

04In next step You may select another or to leave default folder instalation. Click Next button.

05In next step You may deselect checkbox and click Next button.

06You see information window.

07Click Next button. The files will be unpacking.

08Wait to active Next button and click it. It apears last instalation window. Leave select checkbox with start Control Panel.

09Click Finish button.

Instalation files You find in C disc in xampp folder.

10You see Control Panel window.

11I the next posts I describe how install Zend Framework.


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