Oracle XE 11g

Use SQL*Plus tool to connect to a database in Oracle 11g XE

It is not news that the SQL Developer tool is a visual, graphical tool to connect to a database in Oracle. About SQL Developer tool you find information from my post “Oracle XE 11g – Installation SQL Developer and set connection to database”. However, you can also connect to database using SQL*Plus tool. This free tool is a batch query tool. I explain you how run it in console in Windows. Let’s start.

First you have to start your Oracle server. Go to
Start->All Programms->Oracle Database ...->Start Database. Look at the screen below:
SQL*Plus screenThe Administrator console appears like that:
SQL*Plus screenWrite:
SQL*Plus screenAfter Enter user-name: write name your database and enter . My database it is one of oracle databases: hr. The Enter password: appears. Write password to a database and enter. If you see SQL> sign, you may work in SQL*Plus command line tool.
SQL*Plus screenThe other way to connect is write in one line a user name, password and SID. Look at the screen below: SQL*Plus screenFor my hr database, password dorota and after @ sign SID as XE. The XE is Express Edition of Oracle server.
If you would like to stop work with SQL*Plus tool, write exit command and enter it.
SQL*Plus screenMaybe you would like to stop Oracle server. You do it by choose from Windows OS:
Start->All Programms->Oracle Database ...->Stop Database. Look at the screen below:
SQL*Plus screenYou see the console window like that:
SQL*Plus screenClose this console window. If the server will be stoped and you will try run SQL*Plus tool, you see this information:
SQL*Plus screenThe server must be start to use SQL*Plus.
You can find this tool in this folder:
SQL*Plus toolIt is convenient to do the shortcut for it to easy run SQL*Plus in console. If you have running Oracle server you can fast run it. You see window like this below.
SQL*Plus toolYou can’t call SQL commands. First you must connect to database and put password. So write connect command and enter it. Write user name and password.  Now you may work on this database.
SQL*Plus toolDocumentation about SQL*Plus you find under this link:

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