Installation of Python 3.6.4 and Pyzo IDE

Installation files you find for latest version of Python from the website:
There are two ways for install Python:

  • download zip file and unzipped it in any location
  • download exe file and install according atep windows installer.

Let’s try all these ways.

Python installation by using the embedded zip file

Choose latest zip version for Python.

You can choose embedded zip file for 64-bit or 32-bit operating system.

Download this file.
After downloaded  this zip file go to the C catalogue for example or other place, and unzipp it.
Run python.exe file from this installation catalogue to check Python. You see ready to work console window.

Python installation by using windows installation wizard.

First choose from the list executable windows installer.

If the file is downloaded, run instaler. You see wizard. Check Add Python 3.6 to PATH and click Install Now button.

The installation process will start.

You see window like that:

Click the Close button.
In Start->All Programms you see installed Python:

Run Python 3.6 (64-bit) to check if Python console work.

The installation and the configuration of Pyzo IDE for Python

Download installation file from website:

Then download also installer file for miniconda interpreter for Python working very good with Pyzo IDE.
Begin with running Pyzo IDE installer(pyzo-4.5.1-win32.exe). See the steps:

Now run installation file for miniconda(Miniconda3-latest-Windows-x86_64.exe). Run this file and through the steps.

After installations, run Pyzo IDE. Go to the Start_All Programms->pyzo and click the Pyzo.

The Pyzo window appears.

Check configuration for Shell python. Select Shell from menu and choose Edit shell configurations.

You see configuration window.

In exe list, choose miniconda interpreter for Python. Click the Done button.

After click refresh link in Shells section in Pyzo IDE you see shell ready to work:

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