How add driver and connect to Firebird server in Netbeans 8

First download jdbc driver for firebird database. Got to website and click on link. Unpack it into your disc.

z0Open Netbeans IDE and in Services window right click the Drivers and choose New Driver.


You see New JDBC Driver window.

z2Click the Add button and choose your downloaded jdbc driver for firebird.

z3Click the OK button. In tree of drivers in Services window you see new firebird driver.


Right click Databases and choose New Connection.

z5The New Connection Wizard display.


Select form Driver list the Firebird. The Driver File change for Firebird jar file.

z7Click the Next button.

z8In user name field write SYSDBA and in Password field write masterkey. Select Remember Password box. In JDBC URL field write jdbc:firebirdsql://localhost:3050/D:/bazy_danych/test.fdb

z9Click Test Connection button.

z10You see Connection Succeeded message. Click Next button.

z11Click Next button.

z12Click Finish button. In Databases node display new jdbc connection to Firebird test.fdb database.

z13Right click this node and select Disconnect if you don’t work on this database.

z14On the list of connection icon of firebird connection will be broken.