Steps for install Enterprise SQL Server 2012

In this post I show how install Enterprise SQL Server 2012.

Run exe file. Write your product key.

a1aCheck box I accept if You accept license.

a2aClick Next button.

a3aClick Next button.

a4aClick Next button. In this configuration window select Mixed Mode for authentication. Write your any pass to SQL Server.

a5aClick another tab. In this place You may see directories for SQL Server files.

a6aClick another tab. Check all boxes. Click Next button.

a7aClick Next button.

a8aClick Next button.

a9aClick Next button. Check Install and configure option  in  Reporting Services Native Mode and check Install only box. Click Next button.

a11aIn next step display Distributed Replay Controller window. Click Add Current User button.a12a

a13aClick Next button. Write your any controller name.


a15aClick Next button. a16aClick Next button.

a17aClick Next button.

a18aClick Install button.


b5aClick Close button.