Oracle XE 11g

Oracle XE 11g – Installation SQL Developer and set connection to database

If you have already installed Oracle XE, the good way to connect to a database will be SQL Developer tool. In this article I explain you step by step how install SQL Developer and connect to a database.

Installation SQL Developer for Oracle XE

Let’s start with installation. First you run in Windows system Get Started  :
Start->Programms->Oracle Datbase 11g ...->Get Started
Look at the screen:
Get Started run in Oracle
You see in web browser running the server:
Click the Oracle SQL Developer link. You see list of tools to download:
Choose convenient  for you installaton zip file. I choose this with Java installation. Of course, you can select installation file without the  Java JDK and set path to it during running SQL Developer first time .
After downloaded zip file(my is ) copy them in a good place for you. I unpacked it in C folder. It is content of this cataloge:
Run sqldeveloper.exe file – application SQL Developer. You can also create shortcut for it. After run this application you see window like that:
Oracle SQL Developer window

Create connection to database in Oracle XE by SQL Developer

It is time to create connection to the database. Let’s go to do it.
First go to the Connections window on the left. Click this green plus icon  sql developer plus sign .
The New/Select Database Connection window appears.
sql developer new connection window
If you have installation on your PC, Hostname leave as localhost.  Default port for installation Oracle XE is 1521 so you may leave it.  For Oracle Express SID is xe.
There are empty fields, you must fill them with data. In Connection Name write convienient for you name, for example write system_connection. In Username field write your username showed during installation, also fill Password field given during installation . Finally you can also check color for your connection.
Look at the filled form in this configuration window for connection:
sql developerFirst click the Test button. If in Status on the left you see Success, click the Connect button. If the window as this below appears, click the OK button.
sql developerIn the Connections window you see new connection: system_connection.
The SYSTEM is the administrator account. This database contains system tables. If you would like defined HR user with example  tables, first you must write this code in Worksheet window and click the button with green arrow:
sql developer
First you have to unlock this account writing this code:

alter user hr account unlock;

You can do it, because you work as SYSTEM user with admin role. And after unlocked, you can change password for it:

alter user hr identified by newpass ;

The next step is create new connection by clicking in the Connections window sign sql developer plus sign .
Filled the connection window:
sql developerClick the Test button, check if this connection is success and then click the Connect button. In the Connections window you see new connection name.
sql developerExpand the connection node to see tables into this database.
sql developer
If you would like to disconnect this connection, you do it through context menu selecting Disconnect item from menu.
sql developer


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