Integrate WildFly 13 server and Netbeans

In the post I wrote how install WildFly , today I desribe how integrate it with Netbeans IDE.
After download and unzipped WildFly server, I go to the console to add a user for it.
WildFly server 13As you notice, first you have to go to the bin folder of wildFly server. Write add-user.bat and choose a option,writning it. Accept it clicking Enter. Write username and password for your server. Remember about rules for a password. In the next steps choose yes and at the end click Enter. It is all. You have a new user.
In the next step go to the Netbeans IDE. From Services w tab select Servers and click on this node choosing Add Server.
WildFly server 13
The Add Server Instance wizard appears.
WildFly server 13Select WildFly item and click Next button. In the next step click the Browse button and choose WildFly server folder containing bin folder and other resources.
WildFly server 13Click the Next button. In Instance Properties you can change default ports and write name and password for your new user creating in previous steps.
WildFly server 13Click the Finish button. In Services window you see on the list the WildFly server.
WildFly server 13Right click on this node and select Start to run this server.
WildFly server 13In Output window in Netbeans you see logs about starting server.
WildFly server 13After running the server, in the browser you can write url: (or other port you set during adding server) and see wildfly website.
WildFly server 13After clicking Administration Console you see content similar to this below.
WildFly server 13

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