Add connection in Netbeans 8 to the SQL Server 2012 database.

If you have added driver for SQL Server 2012, You may set connection to test database. So go to Services window and right click on Database node. Choose New Connection.

u15You see New Connection Wizard.


Select from Driver list Microsoft SQL Server 2012 driver.

u17Click the Next button.


In JDBC URL field write path to database:


And in User Name write sa and in Password field your pass, mine it is dorota.

z18Click the Test Connection button.

If connection is good, you see information about it.

z19Click the Next button. In Select Schema stay dbo.

z20Click the Next button. You may change Input Connection Name.

z21Click the Finish button.

In Databases node in Services window you see your new connection.

z22If you list Tables node, you see mytest table from database test.

z23In Netbeans you may see data in tables. Right click mytest table and select View Data.

z24In window you see all data of mytest table.



z26In Security/Logins node you see sa login.


Right click this node and choose Properties.

z28It is General tab:

z29It is Server Roles tab which have choose only public and sysadmin:

z30In User Mapping tab for test database it is choose only db_owner and public role.

z31It is Status tab: