How work with Oracle Express XE 11g after installation on Windows

On the Desktop you see icon like this:

It is shortcut for this file:


Double click the icon running the server. If you see error window, click right the icon and select properties.

You may change the url address from this below.

Change for this new(  ):

Click the OK button and run application. In the browser you see application as this below.

On the right is link to the SQL Developer tool. You may install it. Click this link.

Click the Download.

If you download and install SQL Developer tool without JDK, first run this appplication display widnow choose java catalogue. If you select bin folder for java you see error:

So remember to set folder only for Java, for instance: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_102

After first run SQL Developer:

The application is ready to work.


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